Autor: Bogdan Liviu PĂNOIU

Publicat în: Revista de Științe Juridice nr. 1/2019

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Aspects Regarding the Unit Offence in Case of Offences Against Life, in the Aftermath of Decision no. 650/2018 of the Constitutional Court

Abstract: In this article the author aims to analyze some aspect of the forms of complex offence, recurrent offence and simple offence related to homicide emphasizing the condition of unique passive subject. Keeping the chronological order, the author examines the metamorphosis of this forms o crimes, beginning with the old penal code, the new penal code and continuing with the 368/2017 and 650/2018 decisions of Constitutional Court of Romania. A special importance is offered to the effects of this decisions which are an absolute novelty for the Romanian criminal law.

Keywords: recurrent offence; legal unity; unique passive subject; homicide