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Organized Crime in the United States and its Modern Challenges

Autor: Magdalena ROIBU

Publicat în: Journal Of Eastern European Criminal Law no. 1/2015

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Abstract: The expansion of international crime, especially organized crime, is a perpetual scourge that affects most of the world states and concerns the international public opinion. Organized crime is the most serious form of criminality that mankind has ever been confronted with, mainly due to its transnational dimensions and seemingly flawless functioning. A debate on organized crime should address the existence of a worrying sociological phenomenon, besides, of course, the legal phenomenon. The present study aims at presenting the most important legal instruments that the U.S. have settled [vezi tot]

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Civil Forfeiture in the United States

Autor: József KELEMEN

Publicat în: Journal Of Eastern European Criminal Law no. 1/2018

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Abstract: This article examines how the United States Congress has combated organized crime and attempted reducing the profitability of criminal offenses. One result of the legislation is the civil forfeiture which is based on the superstitious notion arose from the medieval that inanimate items have their own minds. Today, civil forfeiture is used to protect the public from assets involved in or derived from criminal activity. Civil forfeiture requires only probable cause in order to someone’s property may be seized, and the legal presumptions are all turned around. [vezi tot]

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Artificial Intelligence influencing foreign Policy and Security


Publicat în: Journal Of Eastern European Criminal Law no. 2/2018

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Abstract: Artificial intelligence is incorporated in our everyday lives more and more each day. We are using smartphones to conduct business, computers to learn information, we are driving smart cars with different apps and motion sensors. This is not a science-fiction movie, it is a reality. A reality which will progress in different fields and aspects, and it will not stop here. As much as it is interesting and helpful and improving our lives in any aspect or segment, there are many risks [vezi tot]

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Far and beyond territory. Lessons for the EU from the US Legal Practice

Autor: Flaviu Ciopec

Publicat în: Journal Of Eastern European Criminal Law no. 1/2020

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Răspunderea penală a persoanelor juridice în SUA: o analiză a legislației și aplicarea pedepselor în instanțele judecătorești

Autor: E. Rely VÎLCICĂ

Publicat în: Andra-Roxana Trandafir, George-Alexandru Lazăr (coord.), Răspunderea penală a persoanei juridice. O instituție transatlantică. De la evaluarea vinovăției la aplicarea și executarea sancțiunilor, Ed. Solomon, București, 2021

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Rezumat: Articolul de față abordează aspecte generale și principii de bază privind răspunderea penală a personei juridice în Statele Unite ale Americii, cu atenție specială dedicată pedepselor aferente. Introducerea prezintă informații de context legate de dezvoltarea legislației și a jurisprudenței asupra răspunderii persoanelor juridice. Secțiunea următoare discută principii de bază, incluzând definiția legală a persoanei juridice și criteriile necesare pentru stabilirea vinovăției. Partea principală a articolului se concentrează pe legislația și [vezi tot]

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