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Cuvinte-cheie "sclavie"

Aspecte teoretice și practice privind traficul de ființe umane comis în scopul exploatării economice și exploatării sexuale, prin obligarea victimei la practicarea prostituției


Publicat în: Revista Pro Lege nr. 2/2021

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Cuvinte-cheie: ființa umană tratată ca un obiect, violarea libertății și a demnității umane, muncă forțată, sclavie, înrobire, prostituție, ineficacitatea consimțământului de a fi exploatat.

Theoretical and practical aspects of trafficking in human beings for the purpose of economic and sexual exploitation, by forcing the victim into prostitution

Abstract: Trafficking in human beings, in its very nature and the purpose of exploitation, is based on the exercise of the attributes of property rights – human beings being treated as commodities for sale and purchase. The social value protected by the [vezi tot]

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The response of the Spanish criminal law to forced labour practices in transnational corporations


Publicat în: Challenges of the knowledge society (CKS) 2021

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Abstract: This paper aims at studying the criminal liability according to the Spanish law of transnational companies for imposing forced labour on citizens in other countries. The objective is to elucidate whether, under the Spanish law, it is possible to penalise Spanish companies that carry out these practices abroad, practices that are clearly harmful to fundamental rights. For criminal prosecution in Spain to be possible, certain requirements must be met. First, it is necessary that the Spanish Criminal Code acknowledges that legal [vezi tot]

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