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Cuvinte-cheie "scena crimei"

Necesitatea diversificării regulilor tactice criminalistice aplicabile în cercetarea la faţa locului

Autor: Pavel PALCU

Publicat în: Revista Pro Lege nr. 4/2018

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Cuvinte-cheie: cercetare la fața locului; crimă; scena crimei; tactici criminalistice.

Abstract: There is an unprecedented development of cybernetics, concretized by the emergence of a computerized technology with possibilities difficult to estimate. In this context, the underworld and international organized crime have widened the area of criminal offenses, but new possibilities for investigating police and judicial bodies have also emerged, limiting the role of intuition and flair, human spontaneity, the weight falling on their ability to use the intelligence of the new technology they have at their disposal.

Keywords: spot research; crime; crime scene; forensic [vezi tot]

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Principiile investigației criminalistice

Autor: Ștefania Zorcă

Publicat în: Revista Universul Juridic nr. 7/2021

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Abstract: Any branch needs a sum of well-established rules able to assure the proper functioning of its activity and forensic science is one of the modern sciences which appeared as a response to the necessity of a permanent work on improving all the techniques and tactics which are used by the specialists who are involved in the forensic proceedings, more exactly in doing the on-site research activities. Through all these proceedings, forensic comes as an indispensable tool during the criminal trial so that the authorities, the [vezi tot]

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