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Peculiul condamnaților în legislația românească actuală – o analiză prin raportare la jurisprudență, instrumente internaționale și soluții legislative adoptate de alte state europene

Autor: Radu Vlad POJAN
Publicat în:
Revista Dreptul nr. 9/2019
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Legal regime of the convict’s money in the current Romanian legislation – an analysis by reference to case law, international instruments and legislative solutions adopted by other European states
The article deals with the legal regime of the convict’s money, their sources of origin and the destinations for their use during detention, in the Romanian criminal law and jurisprudence, bringing to light some proposals aimed at improving the situation of some categories of detainees in a state of economic [vezi tot]

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The confidentiality of the medical act in the deprivation of liberty environment

Autor: Laurenţia Florentina GĂIŞTEANU (ŞTEFAN)
Publicat în: Challenges of the Knowledge Society 2018
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Abstract: Respecting the medical secrecy is one of the essential conditions underlying the protection of private life. Medical information obtained from patients in the context of a physician – patient relationship should be protected by confidentiality. Disclosure of personal health care data without the agreement of the person is a touch brought to private life. One particular feature of the health care system is the healthcare provided to patients in detention. Even though the doctor-patient relationship in the penitentiary environment has a [vezi tot]

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The private visit – right or compensation

Autor: Iulia POPESCU
Publicat în: Challenges of the Knowledge Society 2017
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Abstract: The connection of the person deprived of his/her liberty with the family is an important aspect to be kept in the prison environment both for him/her and for the family. This connection is accomplished in particular by the right to private visit as provided within the legal regulations. Identifying the origins of the right to private visit and establishing the nature of this private right represent a goal, given that its peculiarity is that although it is regarded as a right, its implementation [vezi tot]

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