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Cuvinte-cheie "jurisdiction"

Issues regarding the jurisdiction in case of joining the criminal cases

Autor: Dan LUPAȘCU, Mihai MAREȘ
Publicat în: Challenges of the Knowledge Society, 2019
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Abstract: The joinder of criminal cases determines a prorogation of material or territorial jurisdiction of the court or, as the case may be, of the prosecuting authority ensuring a proper performance of the legal activities. The current Code of Criminal Procedure regulates both the compulsory joinder and the optional joinder of the criminal cases, according to a summary proceedings, stipulated in article 45 (during the trial), and, respectively, article 63 paragraph (1) related to article 45 (during the criminal investigation). The concurrence [vezi tot]

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The procedure for the referral of the criminal investigation bodies

Autor: Denisa BARBU
Publicat în: Challenges of the Knowledge Society 2019
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Abstract: Vintil Dongoroz mentioned in one of his books that “the referral is the dynamic act that causes the prosecution to take place.” We can say that the criminal prosecution is born when the criminal prosecution bodies are informed of a crime of a criminal nature by one of the above mentioned ways of referral. The common point of all means of referral is that it always takes the written form, either by direct recording of the injured party or by the oral [vezi tot]

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A short presentation of the preliminary chamber as the phase in the criminal proceedings

Autor: Denisa BARBU
Publicat în: Challenges of the Knowledge Society 2018
Disponibil online: aici.
Abstract: The current Code of Criminal Procedure brings important changes to some of the institutions of the old code of criminal procedure, but it also establishes a number of new institutions that did not exist in our criminal law. Based on these considerations, we have appreciated that at this time, in view of the consolidation of the legislation in the field, it is useful to design a work that examines the competence of the preliminary chamber judge. The paper follows the new configuration of [vezi tot]

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