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Cuvinte-cheie "falsificare de monede"

Forensic and criminological aspects related to the crime of counterfeit currency and other values

Autor: Roxana Manea

Publicat în: Analele Universității „Titu Maiorescu”, 2017

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Abstract: The transition of the countries of Eastern Europe to a democratic regime in the immediate aftermath of the collapse of the Union of the Soviet Socialist Republics generated with the exaltation of the high degree of freedom and high permeability to the infusion of new criminal phenomenon. In this study, we have paid more attention to the money-laundering offense. The „development” domain, which in the small-scale period in which it manifests itself, can be categorized as being at an amateur stage, with access to technology being drastically controlled by the [vezi tot]

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Computer Related Economic Crimes in Hungary

Autor: Zoltán NAGY, Dávid TÓTH

Publicat în: Journal Of Eastern European Criminal Law no. 2/2015

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Abstract: The revolution of information technology (e.g. Computer technology) have changed the conditions and possibilities concerning economic crime. For example nowadays criminals with high tech printers can easily produce counterfeit money with good quality.
The aim of this article is to analyse the Hungarian regulation of some computer related economic crimes. In this article the following crimes will be analysed which are closely related to each other:

  • counterfeiting currency
  • counterfeiting of cash ­substitute payment instruments and the aiding in
    counterfeiting cash ­substitute payment instruments
  • cash­ substitute [vezi tot]
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