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Cuvinte-cheie "evaluare psihologică"

Expertiza (examinarea) medico-legală psihiatrică asupra victimei minore și evaluarea (examinarea) psihologică judiciară a victimei minore

Autor: Cătălin Olivian IONAȘCU

Publicat în: Revista Pro Lege nr. 2/2020

Psychiatric forensic expertise (examination) of the juvenile victim and forensic psychological evaluation (examination) of the juvenile victim

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Abstract: The article highlights two evidentiary proceedings that do not have a concrete regulation in the current legislation (they are not being expressly mentioned in the Code of Criminal Procedure, but also in the primary legislation or in the administrative provisions in the field), and clarifies certain legal aspects related to the possibility of psychic examination of the juvenile victim during the criminal process, of course in order to identify the possible signs (in the [vezi tot]

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Evaluarea psihologică versus expertiza psihologică judiciară. Temeiul juridic și importanța probatorie în procesul penal. Aspecte de practică judiciară

Autor: Ioana URSACHE

Publicat în: Revista Pro Lege nr. 2/2020

Psychological evaluation versus forensic psychological expertise. Legal basis and importance of evidence in the criminal proceedings. Legal practice aspects

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Abstract: All magistrates involved in juvenile cases should „consider the level of maturity, vulnerability and mental capacity of the minor, whether as a juvenile who infringes the law, a victim or a witness.” (Yerevan Declaration regarding juvenile justice, adopted during the 5th plenary meeting of the CCPE, which took place in Yerevan – Armenia on 19-21 October 20101 ). Insufficient of the evidence, when it’s obvious, it should oblige the judiciary to analyze the [vezi tot]

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