Autor: Doinel DINUICĂ, Mioara Ketty GUIU

Publicat în: Revista Universul Juridic nr. 6/2015

Disponibil onlineaici.

Titlul lucrării în engleză: Bribery in the Penal Code

Abstract: The authors analyse the issue of bribery offence as regulated by art. 289 of the Penal Code.

The analysis includes authors commentary on the variants of the offence, on the attenuated and aggravated version, on the previous regulation, on the legal matter, the material object, the active and passive subject and on the incorporated content of the law, considering  the doctrine developed by important names in the field of law (V. Dabu, A.M. Gușanu, S. Kahane, A. Grigorovici, V. Dobrinoiu, [vezi tot]