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Conflict of interest offence

Autor: Andrei – Lucian PUȘCAȘU
Publicat în: Challenges of the Knowledge Society, 2014
Disponibil online: aici.
Abstract: The following study aims to analyze the conflict of interest provisions offence stipulated under
Article 301 of the special part of the new Criminal Code. This adjustment aims criminal liability of
public officials who, in the exercise of his duty, acquires an unjust material benefit for himself or for
some people with whom he shares certain interests. Through this study we want to set a clear limit
between this offence and the other service offences, as well as to highlight the [vezi tot]

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Incriminating the conflict of interests in Romania: recent legal developments

Autor: Mihai MAREȘ
Publicat în: Challenges of the Knowledge Society, 2018
Disponibil online: aici.
Abstract: The present paper aims at outlining the evolution of the Romanian criminal law provisions incriminating the conflict of interests, starting from its insertion, as of 2006, into the Criminal Code of 1968, until the up-to-date version of the offence as per the Criminal Code in force, renamed as use of the position for favouring persons, as amended by Law no. 193/2017. In this context, the approaches of the legal text in the well-established case-law of the judicial bodies as well as of the [vezi tot]

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