Autor: Andrej KUBIČEK

Publicat în: Journal Of Eastern European Criminal Law no. 2/2018

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Abstract: The article deals with specific connection of crime and artificial intelligence in context of video games. As a new and developing mean of both entertainment and communication, this mass media tends to mimic older representations of crime, yet offering to consumers unique virtual experiences in this prohibited field. Furthermore, paper tries to show possible connections between narratives about violating the law presented in video games and virtual identities which players are taking in such settings detached from primary social surroundings. By description of different game genders and types of crime present in them, paper tries to go beyond moralistic stigmatization and point out main relevant themes for sociological and criminological inquiry in this field. Comparison between these different prohibited activities and their (re)presentations show deeper cultural causality and raise the question why some kinds of crime are considered to be taboo, while others can be seen as “a mere play”?

Keywords: video games; crime; artificial intelligence; violence; media; moral panics.