Publicat în: Journal Of Eastern European Criminal Law no. 1/2018

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Abstract: In today’s modern world everybody uses the new technologies to communicate across the globe. Children from very young age use I-pads or smart phones to play, learn new things, communicate but not all the information or graphic imagery that is on the internet is good for them. Adults can distinguish and can choose what is appropriate and good. But can children distinguish the dangers that are on the internet? Can they decide for themselves and be protected from the online influences and information? The UN children rights exists so they can be respected and protect the children but they were created in a period of time when the internet did not exist. Can this rights protect the children offline as well as online or there should exist new rights/measures specifically applied for the internet, the media and the technology of today? All of these questions will be discussed in this paper in order to come with an appropriate solution to this problem that is spreading with the speed of the light in the whole world.

Keywords: internet; governance; children’s rights.