Autor: Ryma Kliuchko

Publicat în: Analele Universității „Alexandru Ioan Cuza” din Iași, Supliment nr. 1/2022

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Rezumat: The rapid development of information and communication technologies and communication networks leads to an intensification of the circulation of information, an increase in the possibilities of its use for destructive purposes and an increase in the level of dangerous information acts. New threats are subject to identification and analysis to develop effective legal mechanisms to counter it. There is a need to criminalize new types of information acts, the social danger of which is due to the possibility of using digital or network technologies. Cyberstalking, cyberbullying, broadcasting an act containing signs of a crime on the Internet, promoting life-threatening and health-threatening behavior, including suicidal acts, are required to be established. There is a need to address the issues of correlation between digital reality and the content of the principles of operation of the criminal law in a circle of persons, in space and in time, and the development of the institution of complicity in a crime.

Cuvinte-cheie: information relations; object of criminal law protection; information society; information act.