Publicat în: Journal Of Eastern European Criminal Law no. 1/2016

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Abstract: In accordance with the Constitution of BiH policy and the regulation of immigration, refugee and asylum is prescribed as one of the functions that are vital for the functioning of Bosnia and Herzegovina as a modern state, and which therefore falls within the exclusive jurisdiction of its state institutions. Of state institutions we will first mention the Ministry for Human Rights and Refugees, which is responsible for the provision of organized collective accommodation of these persons in BiH. For this
purpose, qualified refugee center for refugees and other persons who have been in the asylum granted the right to international protection in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Asylum is international law established legal and security institute and recognized the right of refuge to foreigners, which regulates every state positive applicable legislation. The right to asylum to a refugee, where such status is recognized by international law (Art. 1st Geneva Convention relating to the Status of Refugees of 1951), and all who are outside their own country and it can not return due to well-founded fear that there could be subjected to violence or persecution. Immigration is defined as the process of the migration of the population to a space due to its specific, for people appealing factors. An immigrant is a person who exceeds the
limits of their former country of nationality or residence, for various reasons, either because of a desire for economic prosperity, whether they were expelled or fleeing conflict or natural disasters, or simply the weight of a better life.

Keywords: asylum; immigration; politics; security; human rights.