Autor: Zoran PAVLOVIĆ, Aleksandar BOŠKOVIĆ

Publicat în: Journal Of Eastern European Criminal Law no. 2/2015

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Abstract: Determining the place of the criminal offense of money laundering within the criminal legislation of Serbia, bearing in mind all the specifics of country’s legal system, is not yet completely fulfilled. Specifics of economic transition, political reconstruction and European integration processes that characterize the beginning of XXI century in Serbia brought new kinds of legal incriminations and different visions of traditional values (that determine the roots of criminal code context within its boundaries), where government reaction to the prohibited behavior is not at all simple. Protection of property, businesses, financial stability, official duties (State given employment within the official institutions), are just some of the values protected by the criminal offense of money laundering, either in criminal law code or a separate specific one. By refining the object of protection and its factical place in the law, with the amendment of incrimination it would come up with further possibilities for better results in legal protection.

Keywords: Money laundering (as a felony offense); legal security (of the system and within the system); determining object of protection; place in the criminal law code.