Autor: Roberto E. KOSTORIS

Publicat în: Journal Of Eastern European Criminal Law no. 2/2015

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Abstract: The establishment of a European Public Prosecutor’s Office for the fight against the crimes affecting the financial interests of the Union constitutes a complex and rough path. The article focuses on the fundamental steps of this route until now, from the provisions of the Treaty of Lisbon, to the Commission’s proposal, to its redrafts, above all that one of April 2014 under the Greek Presidency. What emerges is a too complex and elephantine body, ill­-suited to an efficient fight against euro­-financial crimes. However, some slender lights seem to appear in the more recent developments of this path.
Keywords: European Public Prosecutor’s Office; European prosecutions; European investigations; euro­-financial crimes; rules of evidence; college; Chief Prosecutor; Permanent Chambers; European prosecutors; European Delegated Prosecutors.