Autor: Aleksandar B. IVANOVIĆ

Publicat în: Journal Of Eastern European Criminal Law no. 1/2019

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Abstract: The author deals with the issue of standardization and accreditation in forensic science as a key factor in achieving the reliability of forensic evidence. In this regard, the author gives a concise summary of the application of the international standard ISO 17025, which refers to the accreditation of forensic laboratories. The paper presents forensic institutions in Europe that are accredited to ISO 17025. With tending of assurance of the reliability of forensic work, as one of the cornerstones of a fair judiciary, autor in the paper also points on that what is considered as future in the field of accreditation and standardization of forensic work. That is mosty related on the work of the technical committee TC 272, which is based on the development and application of forensic standards, which will include a complete forensic process from finding on-site material traces to the presentation of findings and opinions by forensics at the court room.

Keywords: forensic science; accreditation; standard ISO 17025; reliability of forensic evidence; technical committee TC 272.