Publicat în: Journal Of Eastern European Criminal Law no. 1/2019

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Abstract: With entry into force of new criminal legislation in 2003 the legal concept of liability of legal persons for criminal offences was introduced into the criminal law of Bosnia and Herzegovina (B&H). However, the general scientific indifference to this issue reflected in limited literary fund and the scarcity, disorganization and inaccessibility of relevant case law in different circuits of B&H’s criminal justice system well as absence or unavailability of relevant statistical data have created difficult environment for scientific observation of the results of implementation of new legal solutions regarding the liability of legal persons for criminal offenses. Following the premise that liability of legal persons for criminal offenses had the greatest practical significance in the sphere of financial crime, the authors analyzed the available case law of the Court of B&H in order to gain some insight into the specifics of legal persons’ crime prosecution in B&H.

Keywords: liability of legal persons for criminal offences, financial crime of legal persons.