Autor: Alexandru PARENIUC, Liliana LUCAS
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Revista Dreptul nr. 12/2019
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Delimitation of the crime of swindling from other homogeneous crimes according to the Criminal Code of the Republic of Moldova
In the present scientific study, we decided to carry out a thorough investigation into the concept of applying criminal liability for swindling in the conditions in which the state has a limited role in regulating the economic market relations and the coercive methods of preventing and combating this crime which must have a status subordinated to economic, informational, political, juridical-civil methods. In order to make the prevention of scams more effective, it is necessary to strictly correlate it with the many transformations and processes taking place in the political, economic, social and ideological domain of the state.
patrimony; crime; legal liability; delimitation of antisocial facts; homogeneous crime;