Autor: Bogdan-Alexandru URS
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Revista Dreptul nr. 11/2019
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Computer search and seizure in the Cloud Computing environment
Cloud Computing is considered one of the most significant advances in information technology. Specialists agree that in a matter of a few years, almost all data will be in the Cloud. The field of digital forensics has grown rapidly over the last decade due to the rise of the Internet associated crimes and different frauds. Cloud forensics is the process of identifying, preserving, analyzing and presenting digital evidence in a manner that is legally acceptable. Traditional computer forensics consists in collecting data where the system is located. Cloud forensics is difficult because there are challenges with data location, multi-tenant hosting, synchronization problems and techniques for data segregation. In this paper we focus on the different stages of a Cloud Computing forensic search. For each phase of the Cloud forensic process, we have included a list of challenges and analysis of their possible solutions. Our research indicates that some problems are technical and others are legal, however the biggest challenges are not technical but legal.
Keywords: cyber crime; Cloud Computing; Cloud forensics; digital evidence; forensic stages; Cloud forensic challenges;