Autor: Iulian Dobrinescu

Publicat în: Revista Universul Juridic nr.6/2019.

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Abstract: Euthanasia and assisted suicide continue to constitute a source of contentious debate. This is
true not only from an ethical and/or philosophical point of view, but also from a legal standpoint.
Currently, euthanasia occupies a somewhat liminal space between traditional views on life and an
emerging bioethical conception which places a greater emphasis on the quality of life. This invites
debate, in extreme cases, on whether there is cause to speak of an ethics of death and a right to die. As
far as criminal law is concerned, due to the delicate and highly debatable circumstances surrounding
it, euthanasia stands in stark contrast to other varieties of homicide. This presents new challenges to
classic notions of punishment and social defence, which may even be rendered inapplicable.

Keywords: euthanasia, assisted suicide, homicide, punishment, Romanian Penal Code.