Autor: Andriana Cotorobai

Publicat în: Revista Universul Juridic nr.4/2019.

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Abstract: The hearing of the witnesses is one of the most important absolutely necessary stages, in
distinguishing in the criminal pursuit phase, and requires observance in all circumstances,
irrespective of the degree of difficulty of the case. The hearing of the witnesses concerning the
corruption cries represents the most important stage in the criminal pursuit phase, as the statements
of the witnesses that have information related to corruption crime can represent basic evidence in
finding the truth and settling the case. Corruption, in the historical perspective constitutes the
phenomenon based on the oldest type of criminality that practically accompanied the evolution of
society, having a direct impact on the economic and social development by destruction of the benefits
of free market forces, leading to the point of the trade companies „tendering against a fee” in order to
achieve a profitable economic agreement. As a consequence of the complexity of the approached
subject the present article comprises the essential information regarding the hearing of the witnesses
in general, but also to the hearing of the witnesses to the corruption crimes.

Keywords: hearing, witnesses, corruption, crimes, criminality, law.