Autor: Ilie Dumitru

Publicat în: Revista Universul Juridic nr.2/2019

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Abstract: Illegal practice of the medical profession has become a matter of great interest, especially
following a case recently publicized by the Romanian mass media, which involved Italian citizen
Matteo Politi and few clinics in Bucharest.
How, as many other crimes, this criminal act is committed by the author with the support of
other individuals, both physical and legal, we think will be helpful the detailed analysis that we
propose to do through this article, on the attributions of public authorities and public and private
sanitary units involved in the provision of medical services in Romania. Starting from these duties
and responsibilities, we are going to extract the way in which there is a criminal liability in the event
of failing or faulty fulfillment and to frame the deed in the legal provisions, in the context of the
author’s committing the offense of illegal exercising the profession of doctor.

Keywords: illegal practice, medical profession, medical public autorities.