Autor: Gianina-Anemona RADU

Publicat în: Revista Dreptul nr. 12/2017

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Titlul lucrării în engleză: Mediation – a restorative process in the juvenile cases

Abstract: The debate over the future of the juveniles’ court and the juvenile justice system has been between proponents of a retributive philosophy and advocates of the traditional individual treatment mission. Both punitive approaches and those focused solely on treatment have failed to satisfy basic needs of crime victims, the community and offenders themselves. Neither offers hope for preserving a separate justice system for juveniles. This document outlines an alternative philosophy, restorative justice, and a new mission, the balanced approach, which require that juvenile justice system devotes attention to making amends to victim and the community, increasing offender competencies, and protecting the public, through process in which offenders, victims and the communities are all active participants.

Keywords: restorative justice; criminal mediation; relapses into crime.