Autor: Cristina ROTARU-RADU

Publicat în: Revista Universul Juridic nr.5/2018

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Abstract: In case of use of office for granting favours (crime known as conflict of interest, before the entry
into force of Law no. 193/2017), consummation occurs when the civil servant who performed a
certain act obtains a material gain for himself/herself, his/her spouse, another relative or second
degree akin.
The fulfillment of the act – the material element of the crime, without accomplishment of a
material gain – an essential requirement attached to the material element of the crime, does not
determine the consummation of the crime. As such, the time limit for criminal responsibility does not
start to run.

Keywords: use of office for granting favours, Conflict of interest, Statute of limitation for
criminal responsibility