Autor: Julieta-Cristina POPA

Publicat în: Revista Universul Juridic nr.3/2018

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Abstract: Constitutional provisions and international regulations designed to protect women from any
form of abuse, including domestic. An essential prerequisite for a modern democratic state, is the
appropriate legal system and to validate the legality of rights between men and women. Although the
vast majority of the world countries have begun to formulate and implement legislation to
criminalize acts of domestic violence around 1990, even at this time the law states regarding
domestic violence is a meeting exotic local customs and repercussions of some international
provisions that make their implementation depend on many factors, making them the most often
broken. Analysis of various legislations in the field of domestic violence noted that European
countries have initiated legislative reforms to prevent this phenomenon. Non-European countries
have followed the same trend.

Keywords: criminal law, domestic violence crimes, family and interfamily crimes,
incrimination, factors, abuse, consequences, prevention