Autor: Ligia-Valentina Mirișam

Publicat în: Revista Universul Juridic nr.10/2017

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Abstract: The idea of an European Public Prosecutor is not at all a new one, yet it almost got to be
considered an illusion by many great authors of Criminal Law. We believed in it from the very
beginning as we thought that EPPO is a meeting point between national criminal law and the
European one. Due to a disastruos balance sheet that shows that European citizens are being
annually affected by a prejudice of over 50 billion Euros, in times of economic crisis and budgetary
restriction, it is more important than ever to investigate, prosecute and bring to justice those who
commit criminal offences affecting the Union’s financial interests. Therefore, EPPO will be in charge
of investigating, prosecuting and bringing to justice those committing offences against the EU
budget, such as fraud against the EU structural funds or large-scale cross-border VAT fraud due to
the vote expressed by the European Parliament on Octber, 5, 2017

Keywords: harmonisation, EU Public Prosecutor, EU financial fraud, Criminal Law,
subsidiarity, proportionality