Autor: Angela TATU

Publicat în: Revista Universul Juridic nr. 12/2015

Disponibil onlineaici.

Titlul lucrării în engleză: Considertations on the activity of the probation service in the criminal proceedings

Abstract: In this study, the author examines the activity of the probation service in the criminal proceedings, as a public service, which contributes to carrying out the judicial process.

The structure and the body of the study reveal the comments on the development of the probation system over time [the experimental period 1996-2000, the development and consolidation period (2000-2014), the reorganization period (February 2014 – so far)], in relation to the elements of comparative law in the matter of probation (probation in the United States of America, in France, in England and in Denmark), and for the purpose of the above-mentioned the doctrine developed by certain important names in the field of domestic and international law is taken into consideration (C. Sima, O Brezeanu, I. Chiș, I.B. Georgescu, A.M. van Kalmthout, I. Durnescu G. Gilles).

Finally, the author puts forward a few considerations regarding the enforcement of criminal penalties, as the last stage of the criminal proceedings.

Keywords: probation service; criminal proceedings; elements of comparative law; enforcement of penalties.