Publicat în: Journal Of Eastern European Criminal Law no. 1/2017

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Abstract: Forgery and credit card fraud is a specific criminal offense against the economy, whose protective object is stability of payment operations in the country. It is prescribed in Article 225 of the Criminal Code of Serbia. The aim of the paper is that, in addition to theoretical and legal definitions, closely analyzes the criminal offense Forgery and credit cards fraud, than through the relationship with the overall crime in Serbia, then with a group of criminal offenses against the economy, and finally, with the other individual crimes against the economy. In this paper was primarily applied normative method, complemented with analytical method, the basic quantitative data analysis and deductive methodological approach. The primary legislative source is consulted in the paper is the Criminal Code of Serbia. The research part of the paper included information on the number of reported adults and enacted convictions for the crime of Forgery and credit card fraud for all crimes on the territory of the Republic of Serbia, for the group of criminal offenses against the economy and for individual crimes against the economy, for the period 2012-2015. After analyzing the work of judicial authorities in Serbia in these areas, this paper provided discussion of the results and about conclusions that were drawn.

Keywords: Forgery and credit card fraud; crime in economy; crimes against the economy; the Criminal Code.