Publicat în: Journal Of Eastern European Criminal Law no. 2/2016

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Abstract: The importance of criminal sanctions in the criminal sense, but also their importance for every society or country needs no special explanation. The period after nineties of the twentieth century in Europe was followed by many social and political changes that resulted from the breakup of the USSR. These changes have resulted in the breakup of previously unified countries and the same consequences happened within the criminal law. The changes that have emerged due to the formation of new countries, which can be seen in the case of Yugoslavia, led to a clear difference between previous coherent criminal laws, but true to its form, because it is a European-continental system. The primary objective of this study is to examine and consider the development of criminal sanctions in the aftermath of the breakup of Yugoslavia, from the 90′ until today in Serbia. Then, the next goal of this paper is to show the factors that influenced the mentioned development, starting with the necessary protection of society and the influence of European values and standards. In the last part of the paper, conclusions that have been reached in this study are going to be presented.

Keywords: criminal sanctions; the development of criminal sanctions; period that followed after the 90s of twentieth century.