Autori: Jašarević N. OSMAN, Jašarević S. MERISA

Publicat în: Journal Of Eastern European Criminal Law no. 2/2016

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Abstract: The authors analyze the scientific ideas, material changes and trends in the BiH society in terms of changes in the criminal procedure law or procedure with regard to the process of accusation, after the 1990s. In this context, it turns out that in the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina nineties nineteenth century building the new criminal legislation where criminal procedural law – a process occupies an important place in which the prosecutor dominates – dominus litis, in contrast to earlier treatment, where the investigating judge had the main word, all in terms of the practical application of the law in court and legal system, which Bosnia and Herzegovina is constantly evolving and promotes through various forms of theoretical and practical training. The process of accession new form of treatment is an excellent example of the ability and willingness of legislators and members of the judiciary in Bosnia and Herzegovina presented by experts and consultants involved in the project – to the legislative bodies shall cooperate, share their knowledge, experiences and opinions in science and the legal profession, order exceeded the existing obstacles in the formation of harmonized judiciary in the country. Members of the criminal justice system are invited to constantly work on improving the new mode, in relation to the work to the nineties of the twentieth century, through constructive critical feedback as it is intended that the present educational material continuously update and enhance the scientific and practical terms.

Keywords: investigation; preparation of the indictment; the indictment; the contents of the indictment; the decision on the indictment.