Autori: Zoran PAVLOVIĆ, Nada BJEKIC, Aleksandar BOŠKOVIĆ

Publicat în: Journal Of Eastern European Criminal Law no. 2/2016

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Abstract: During the recent years the criminal procedure law in Serbia is reformed with key aim of creating the normative basis for more efficient criminal proceedings, which would act as a foundation for the entitled right to trial within a reasonable time. With that purpose, in 2011. New Criminal Procedure Code is adopted, which, among many novelties, introduced the preparatory hearing in criminal proceedings. Goal of this stadium of proceedings is preparation of the main hearing, making it more organized, systematic and efficient, relieved from examination of unnecessary and unimportant evidences for subject-matter. However, it’s questionable is it or would it fulfill the aims for which it was introduced in the first place and if its existence in criminal proceedings is necessary.

Keywords: Preparatory hearing; reform; efficiency.