Autori: Zoltán András NAGY, Kitti MEZEI

Publicat în: Journal Of Eastern European Criminal Law no. 2/2016

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Abstract: The use of Internet offers wide range of available features for cybercriminals which are exploited by them such as anonymization, encryption and virtual currencies, creating constant challenges for law enforcement. Cybercrime is getting more sophisticated and increasing in scale and impact. Cybercrime has also become a big profit-driven illegal and service-based industry and created the Crime-as-a-Service business model. It lured even the traditional mafia-style criminal organizations into the cyberspace since they are able to expand and transfer their offline activities. The present paper analyses the followings: – the organised criminal characteristics with general aspects – criminal communication and networking – DoS, DoSS – attack with extortion – unlawful gambling operations – child pornography as a business opportunity – online money laundering.

Keywords: organised crime; cybercrime; DoSS attack; unlawful gambling operations; child pornography; online money laundering.