Publicat în: Journal Of Eastern European Criminal Law no. 2/2016

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Abstract: Defining phenomena has always been necessary for successful making of a general picture of what we encounter. If we have a definition it will be easier to encounter such phenomena, explain their internal structure, understand it and find out solutions for its suppression and prevention. Trafficking in human beings is only a small part of the phenomena for which international community still hasn’t formed a mutually acceptable definition. It must be admitted that forming a definition is a long process, process in which a phenomenon must be explained from different theoretical approaches and brought into the social value system. The paper gives a chronological review of the process of creating today’s trafficking in human beings definition which is part of the Palermo Protocol. Making such an overview would help us understand its complexity, but also the complexity and length of such processes.

Keywords: definition; international documents; process; term; trafficking in human beings.