Autor: Ágnes N. TÓTH, László István GÁL, László KŐHALMI

Publicat în: Journal Of Eastern European Criminal Law no. 1/2015

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Abstract: The organized crime perpetration is much more serious threat to the society than an individual crime. More offenders on one hand means more concentration of power which from an objective view increases the chance of the successful crime perpetration and on the other hand the presence of accomplices and the knowledge of their possible intervention when needed increases the offender’s determination. There are different methods to define the scale of the quantity of the organized crime, even though due to the conspiracy it is difficult to get a clear and concrete number of the committed crimes resulted from organized crime. Before the transition in the countries, which belonged to the soviet sphere of interest, it was a perceptible phenomenon if a new type of crime commitment appeared in one country then within a short time it was spread in the other countries too Fighting against the organized criminal entities is only possible with organized law enforcement resorts.

Keywords: organized crime; crime groups; participation in criminal organization; plea bargaining.