Autor: Dorel JULEAN

Publicat în: Journal Of Eastern European Criminal Law no. 1/2014

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Abstract: The continuous evolution of national legislation in the area of criminal law has triggered the shaping of different concepts as to the perception of the criminal law branches, thus emerging opinions or trends that are sometimes in diametrical opposition. More precisely, while a part of the doctrine has firmly stated that the area of criminal law cannot be split up into several criminal domains, since it is an autonomous concept that sets out the norms that apply when holding an individual criminally liable, on the other hand, the majority is in favor of setting directions that could establish other branches of law, connected to that of criminal law. In this sense, it becomes noticeable, more and more clearly, the distinct position of the law on the execution of criminal penalties, having a specific object, different from that of criminal law in general.

Keywords: Romanian law on the execution of criminal penalties; custodial and noncustodial sentences; penitentiary law; new Penal Code and new Code of Criminal Procedure; Probation Services.