Autor: Mohammad-Ali Rababah

Publicat în: Analele Universității „Titu Maiorescu”, 2014

Disponibil onlineaici.

Abstract: Although the current legal framework allows for confiscation of corruption, due to the need to harmonize national legislation with EU states, was introduced by Law nr.63/2012 confiscation extended to them. How effective will this solution will be able to see when its application in relation to the Constitution. We will emphasize the fact that autonomous money laundering still needs to be successfully prosecuted in the case of a domestic predicate offence and we will adequately support the assumption why the Romanian legal authorities should take the adequate measures in order to provide the effectiveness of the confiscation system of the proceeds of crimes. 

Keywords: extended confiscation; confiscation of the proceeds of crime; proceeds of crime; money laundering; presumption of lawful acquisition of wealth.