Autor: Ninel Peia

Publicat în: Analele Universității „Titu Maiorescu”, 2014

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Abstract: Environmental protection is one of the big actual challenges of Romania, considering the prejudices brought to the environment by the pollution. The wastes produces count more than 350 million tons per year, the figure getting 10% higher each year, and those are affecting the quality of the inhabitant’s life, especially in the urban areas. Romania was often criticised for putting economic development and commerce before the environmental issues, thing that lead to a view change. In present, the Romanian development model which is not based on the environmental deterioration and the depletion of natural resources is recognised as an advanced one. In order to manage and to administrate issues of environmental protection and development, and also to coordinate the actions developed at different levels it is imperatively necessary the creation and permanent perfection of organisational structures using the legal norms. Therefore, in the instrumentation of infractions with impact on the environment are relevant two aspects: one related to performing some factual findings, determinations, laboratory tests or other specialty examinations and respectively taking the measures to neutralise the affected areas, when the situation requires so and establishing the fulfilment of the obligations by all the authorities, according to the legal norms in the field. 

Keywords: environmental protection; infractions against the environment; intelligence structures; particularities of infractions.