Autor: Adrian Cristian Moise

Publicat în: Analele Universității „Titu Maiorescu”, 2015

Disponibil onlineaici.

Abstract: An analysis about the main legal regulations in the child pornography field at the level of the European Union is carried out in this study. At the same time, it is also carried out an analysis at the European level on other offences related to illegal content, such as the grooming (the offence to solicit children for sexual purposes through the information and communication technology), which is intended to mirror a more and more worrying, that of sexually abused children in meetings with adults they initially
met in the cyberspace, such as e.g. within the groups of discussions or online games. The offence of solicitation of children for sexual purposes is more easily committed through online environment than in the offline environment, as the children feel more disinhibited in the online environment than in the offline environment, becoming more vulnerable for the offenders. 

Keywords: child pornography; information and communication technology; grooming; information systems; sexual abuse.