Autor: Roxana Manea

Publicat în: Analele Universității „Titu Maiorescu”, 2017

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Abstract: The transition of the countries of Eastern Europe to a democratic regime in the immediate aftermath of the collapse of the Union of the Soviet Socialist Republics generated with the exaltation of the high degree of freedom and high permeability to the infusion of new criminal phenomenon. In this study, we have paid more attention to the money-laundering offense. The „development” domain, which in the small-scale period in which it manifests itself, can be categorized as being at an amateur stage, with access to technology being drastically controlled by the state. The article follows, in text, the presentation of information that would be relevant to the proposed topic, such as: the impact of the counterfeit to the financial state security; the social and economic favourable environment and the main characteristics and the technically means to the issue of banknotes.

Keywords: crime; counterfeiting currency; national currency; transactions; the counterfeit currency; the falsification of the remaining means of payment.