Autor: Adina Maria Alexandra Popescu

Publicat în: Analele Universității „Titu Maiorescu”, 2019

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Abstract: The elaboration of certain financial circuits through which the money obtained from crimes is no longer related to their illicit source is a constant and permanent preoccupation within the criminal environments. The multiplication and diversification of the economic relations lead to the necessity to adopt some laws that would prevent the money laundering activities. In Romania, the law that regulates the measures in this field has been elaborated and has undergone successive modifications according to the general international requirements and interests. The purpose of this exposition is to present a strictly theoretical presentation of the crime with reference to the judicial practice in the matter. Based on knowledge as accurate as possible, it could be reached an efficient use of the aspects that impose an appropriate investigation reaction against the criminal chain that has as purpose the concealment of the illicit origin of the goods. 

Keywords: money laundering; terrorism financing; sanctions.