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Revista Dreptul nr. 8/2018
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droguri; traficul internațional de droguri; posesie de droguri pentru uz personal; trecerea frontierei cu droguri pentru uz personal; introducerea drogurilor în țară pentru uz personal;
Introduction into the country of drugs for personal use – controversial issues
This article addresses the matter of the correct legal classification of the introduction of drugs into the country for personal use. Our attention was drawn whereas not only that the judicial practice of the national courts and the specialized literature are not unitary in terms of legal classification, but even the High Court of Cassation and Justice has pronounced diametrically opposed solutions. Within the paper, it is performed an analysis of the incidental texts of law and of the judicial practice in the field, as well as some aspects of legislative technique and criminal policy.
drugs; international drug trafficking; possession of drugs for personal use; crossing the border with drugs for personal use; introduction of drugs into the country for personal use;