Autor: Bogdan Alexandru URS
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Revista Dreptul nr. 3/2018
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criminalitate informatică; Cloud Computing; infracțiune în Cloud; infracțiuni pe internet; infractori cibernetici; Cloud ca țintă; Cloud ca instrument;
Cloud Computing – The adequate environment for cybercrime
Cloud Computing is one of the most innovative technologies in the history of computing. It is radically changing the way how information technology services are created, delivered, accessed and managed. Cloud Computing enables the same services and user content to be delivered to any user device, whether a mobile phone, desktop or tablet computer. Cloud technology involves data storage at multiple data centers in different geographic locations. The evolution of computer technology is strongly related with the cybercrime phenomenon. Over the last decade, the number of crimes that involve computers and Internet has grown constantly. Criminal organizations try to be as efficient as possible and in order to make investigations difficult they are storing criminal data in foreign servers or in Cloud storage systems, and use cryptography and other data obfuscation techniques that hide their illicit activity. Cloud Computing offers criminals accessible means for committing cybercrime. In much the same way as cybercrime may be understood as a new way of committing traditional crimes such as fraud and theft, Cloud Computing presents criminals with new tools with which to commit these offences and many more. Researching this environment is a key element in understanding the new and more complex forms of cybercrime that occur today.
Keywords: cybercrime; Cloud Computing; Cloud crime; internet crime; cyber offenders; Cloud as a target; Cloud as an instrument;