Autor: Mioara-Ketty GUIU

Publicat în: Revista Dreptul nr. 1/2018

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Cuvinte-cheie: infracțiuni contra vieții; infracțiuni contra integrității corporale sau sănătății; judecată anticipată (ex ante);

Criterion of causal aptitude of the action

Abstract: This paper starts from the finding that there is currently no clear criterion for distinguishing between the offences against bodily integrity or health and attempted murder and, as a result, the practice in this matter is contradictory. As a solution, it proposes to adopt the criterion of causal aptitude of the action, while emphasizing, at the same time, that the adoption of this criterion requires that the psychological theory of guilt be abandoned.

Keywords: offences against life; offences against bodily integrity or health; prevision judgment (ex ante);