Autor: Dorian CHIRIȚĂ
Publicat în: Challenges of the Knowledge Society 2017
Disponibil online: aici.
Abstract: The recent criminal justice reform brought by the entry into force of the new Criminal Code and the new Criminal Procedure Code carries forward the changes in approach with regard to sentence execution, introduced following the adoption of Law No. 275/2006 on the execution of sentences and the measures ordered by judicial bodies during the criminal trial. Having as a point of departure the joint standard set by Recommendation 2006/2 of the Commission of Ministers, this scientific paper is aimed at presenting the evolution of the Romanian legislative system in terms of sentence execution and the manner of regulation of the new institutions, including custodial educational measures that may be ordered for juvenile offenders, but also in terms of the positive obligations incumbent upon the institutions of the State involved in sentence enforcement and sentence execution supervision.
Keywords: International and European recommendations transposed into national criminal legislation; organising custodial sentence execution; re-socialisation for convicted individuals; rights of convicts; execution of custodial educational measures; national strategy for social reinsertion of former convicts.