Autor: Gabriela-Aura FODOR

Publicat în: Revista de Dreptul Familiei nr. 2/2020

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Titlul lucrării în engleză: Issues regarding the representation of the child victim of domestic violence

Abstract: The child’s vulnerable position during a criminal trial is most evident when he is the victim of domestic violence and the aggressor is actually the person who should ensure his protection and should exercise the child’s right of access to justice. The current legislation has a series of mechanisms to ensure that the trial can be carried out without hinderance caused by the conflict of interests that exists between the child and his legal representative or protector, but there still are areas that have not been covered by laws, which have led to claims addressed to civil courts. Their object is to apply the civil institution of the curator for the minor who has expressed a wish to end the criminal trial by reconciling with the parent infringer and because of this particularity they can generate different solutions in practice, as it will be shown in the present study.

Keywords: curator; domestic violence; conflict of interest; minor; representation.