Autor: Tudorel TOADER, Marieta SAFTA

Publicat în: Revista de Științe Juridice nr. 2/2018

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The Great Union, Premise for the Unification of the Criminal Law

Abstract: The existence and prosperity of any State is incompatible with the heterogeneous character of the internal public law. That is why all legislators of Greater Romania aimed to unify first of all our public law. Starting with the Constitution, following by administrative law and electoral law, it is obvious that the work of unifying our public law includes also such an important domain as criminal law. It is difficult to conceive that in a unitary state like ours, the laws that ensure public order and public peace differ from one region to another. On the basis of these considerations, the unification of our criminal law has imposed itself above all as an absolute necessity and as a natural completion to the general work of unification of our public law. Taking into account the importance of this unification, the study presents developments and benchmarks of edification of the criminal law on the Romanian territory, culminating with the adoption of the Criminal Code of 1936, a unique criminal code of Greater Romania.

Keywords: unification of criminal law; criminal code; evolution of criminal law.