Autor: Simona Cireșica OPRIȘAN (NEDELCU)

Publicat în: Revista de Științe Juridice nr. 2/2019

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Theoretical and practice aspects with impact on the institution of the
enforcement regime of the execution of sentences and custodial measures

Abstract: In this study, the author analyzes through the judicial practice aspects related to the institution of enforcement regimes by referring to the objective and subjective criteria that are considered by the commission for individualizing the enforcement regime when making the decision to change or maintain the enforcement regime, by the judge of surveillance of deprivation of liberty in solving complaints and courts in resolving appeals. Also, the study also analyzes the issue of the legality of changing the enforcement regime in the situation where a person deprived of liberty commit an offence before being sanctioned by the disciplinary commission for the disciplinary correspondent of the offence committed or the change of the enforcement regime in case of the intervention of a new prison sentence.

Keywords: penitentiary regime; enforcement regime; criteria; conditions; opportunity.