Autor: Vladimir-Adrian COSTEA Publicat în: Revista de drept constituțional nr. 1/2018 Disponibil onlineaici. Abstract: This article identifies how electronic monitoring is defined and used in relation to the idea of reintegrating the convicted person into society. In the Romanian context, the perspective using electronic monitoring has not yet generated debates and evaluations at the academic or policy-maker levels. The originality of this research lays in the elaboration of a project for the implementation of an electronic monitoring system in the Romanian criminal justice system in relation to the “good practice models” identified in the European context. We assign a central role to the economic, social and political consequences which (re)define the legal framework of the execution of custodial sentences. The research presents the measures and strategies that the Ministry of Justice should follow in order to implement its 2018-2024 Calendar for dealing with overcrowding and detention conditions. Cuvinte-cheie: detenție, supravegherea electronică, reintegrare socială.