Autor: Andrei ZARAFIU

Publicat în: In honorem Flavius Antoniu Baias. Aparența în drept (coord. Adriana Almășan, Ioana Vârsta, Cristina Zamșa), Ed. Hamangiu, București, 2021

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Abstract: Out of the many shapes that appearance may take in the criminal legal proceedings, we shall focus on the appearance that regards the very enforcement of the law. More concretely, the review shall focus on the apparent exception from the rule that governs the mechanism of application in time of the law of criminal proceedings – the tempus regit actum rule. The question this paper attempts to answer is whether retroactivity, in the case of the sequence of the criminal proceedings law, is it a true exception or is it merely apparent?

Keywords: retroactivity, exception, application of criminal proceedings rules.